Credible evidence – digital literacy

Altogether, I think digital literacy is difficult to define. When I search for information about it (Google, Wikipedia) it often comes up with a connection to the educational world. It appears to have a close connection with the discussions around digital, natives, immigrants – visitors and residents. Perhaps I also find it hard to define, because I don’t agree much in this way of categorising users of digital media. is the first credible evidence I have for digital literacy. To me, her blog posting from August 2014  is about digital literacy – as well as digital citizenship. I found this posting because I know the blog.

I think it is fairly credible for a number of reasons:

  • I have followed her blog over a longer period of time and I usually find what she is writing credible
  • I know her as a person and her opinion about other things, and I usually agree. If not – I usually know why

I think it is important with up to date evidence about this topic. When I search (Google again), I find quite a bit old stuff, focusing more on how to use hardware. I don’t look at that. There is also a few blogs about how to behave in the digital space. The link I just posted is from 2014. To me it is just people (usually teachers) telling others what they think is right or wrong to do. It is ok – but credible?

The last piece of evidence is video I found by following links on Claire’s blog. It is a serious presentation of a research project. There is also a link to a research paper. I find this video incredible credible – ahhmm…I mean very, very credible. A person telling about it – a research project – several links to other serious blogs. Good!

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